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Neurotheranostics Program: Funding from UCLA School of Medicine and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

We received funding from the UCLA School of Medicine and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center for Tackling Glioblastoma Using Radioligand Therapy: The UCLA Neurotheranostics Program.

The Neurotheranostics program that will bring together the knowledge of GBM biology, radioligand therapy (RLT), and design of brain-penetrant ligands and pharmacology to effectively design targeted-RLT probes for the specific treatment of GBM. The program is focused on the identification of druggable targets at the surface of GBM tumors and the development of brain-penetrant molecules for PET imaging and RLT. 

Principal Investigators: Drs. Christine E. Mona, David A. Nathanson, and Elie Besserer-Offroy.
Co-Investigators: Drs. Guiseppe Carlucci, Timothy F. Cloughesy, and Johannes Czernin.