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Viral transduction of cells using ‘spinfection’

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1. Background and purpose of the procedure

 Lentiviral transduction is an effective method for creating a stable cell line with a DNA cassette of interest integrated into its genomic DNA. Transducing cells while centrifuging (‘spinfection’ or ‘spinoculation’), is a method to achieve efficient transduction of a large number of cells. Cells are typically infected in the presence of polybrene, a polycationic chain that neutralizes the charge repulsion between the virus and cell target surface and helps viral integration into the cell. 

2. Materials and equipment

  •  Single cell suspension
  • Complete cell culture medium with FBS and antibiotics
  • D-PBS, without Ca++ and Mg++ (Gibco, 14190144)
  • Lentivirus for the expression of gene of interest
  • Polybrene transfection reagent (Millipore-Sigma, TR-1003-G)
  • 6-well plate
  • Cell counter/Hemacytometer
  • Swinging bucket centrifuge pre-warmed at 33˚C

3. Methods

  1. Pre-warm the centrifuge at 33˚C by spinning the empty rotor at 1000 g for 30-60 min 
  2. Plate cells at a density of 300,000-500,000 cells per well in a 6-well plate, it is important to have them as a single cell suspension [1 to 1.5 mL maximum per well] 
  3. Thaw virus at room temperature or use fresh virus conserved at 4˚C 
  4. Add 3.33 μg/mL of polybrene [Do a 1:1 dilution of stock polybrene (10 mg/mL) in culture media and add 1 μL to a final volume of 1.5 mL or 1.33 μL to a final volume of 2 mL] 
  5. Parafilm the edges of plate and spin at 800 g for 90 min at 33˚C 
  6. Change the media by washing cells three times with 1 mL of D-PBS 
  7. Add fresh complete cell culture media 
  8. Incubate for 24 hrs in TC incubator at 37˚C / 5% CO2 
  9. If transduction is difficult, repeat steps c through g 
  10. Assess transduction efficacy 72 hrs after the last infection cycle using flow cytometry or by adding selection antibiotics 

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