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Glioblastoma Theranostics

The Besserer Lab focuses on the development of novel and effective diagnostic probes and therapeutic molecules (theranostics) for brain cancer and especially glioblastomas. Our research is centered on targeting cell surface proteins expressed by cancer cells and stromal cells (support cells surrounding the tumor). We also aim to develop innovative ways to cross the blood-brain barrier using different techniques such as the use of conjugation with brain-penetrant molecules. Finally, we have an interest in personalized medicine and the use of innovative technology to identify tumors that are at the high potential to respond to a precise drug or combination of drugs. To achieve these goals, we use and develop in vitroin vivo, and ex vivo techniques combining knowledge of pharmacology, biochemistry, cell biology, and physiology.

The Besserer Lab is closely collaborating with the laboratories of Dr. David Nathanson and Dr. Johannes Czernin at the Ahmanson Translational Theranostics Division.

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Hello! The Carlucci lab hiring an enthusiastic postdoc to work on novel radiopharmaceuticals for imaging and therapy of cancer at UCLA in Los Angeles. Interested, or know someone who is? Please get in touch! https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF06847
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Another great structural biology article on the BLT1 receptor. A very nice collaboration with Vadim Cherezov and @sevakat1 @USCBridge and @qcb_usc
Looking forward to collaborate again !

#GPCR #Structure #OpenAccess #OpenScience

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