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Human BLT1 crystal is out in Nature Communications

Nice collaboration with Vadim Cherezov and Seva Katrich at USC Bridge Institute, and Merck for this new lipid GPCR crystal. Very proud to be part of this incredible project!

Michaelian N, Sadybekov A, Besserer-Offroy É, Han GW, Krishnamurthy H, Zamlynny B, Fradera X, Siliphaivanh P, Prestland J, Spencer K, Soisson S, Popov P, Sarret P, Katritch V, Cherezov V.
Structural Insights on Ligand Recognition at the Human Leukotriene B4 Receptor 1.
Nature Communications. 2021; (12):2971
PMID: 34016973

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Excited to share work by Kai Song, the Graeber lab & collaborators, interrogating the interplay of BRAF focal amplification modes (extrachromosomal DNA (#ecDNA) & homogenously staining regions (#HSR)) in the context of MAPK inhibitor #cancer regiments. https://bit.ly/2ZqHWrK 1/2

Ga-68 FAPi imaging reflects tissue FAP expression: Emergence of a new pan-cancer biomarker? http://ow.ly/MoAx50GICuq

#PrecisionMedicine #PETCT #Cancer

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